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These tips will be useful to those interested to make substantial changes to their garage door system

Prioritizing garage door security

Never leave your garage door open because it attracts burglars. Do not leave the remote control at a place where anyone can access it. It is better to get a keychain remote so you can keep it with you at all times. Use rolling code technology to randomly change the code.

Test the force setting of garage door opener

This can be done by holding the door bottom when it is closing. In spite of applying moderate amounts of resistance, if the door fails to reverse, then it means that the force setting is too much. To collect more information regarding adjustment of the force setting, refer to the user’s manual.

Repaint your steel garage door regularly to protect it from damage

You can do it once every two or three years or when you notice damage to the existing layer of paint. You should clean the panels thoroughly before you begin. Choose exterior-grade paint which is recommended or approved by the door’s manufacturer. Apply it on a small and not clearly visible section of the door first to test it.

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