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FAQs are popular for a reason, and it would be a shame if the same question were asked over and over without anyone giving substantial answers. Our FAQ page wishes to provide solutions by compiling the most frequently asked questions by past clients. Click away for instant and reliable garage door knowledge!

The photo eyes of my opener are not illuminated, are they defective?

They could be defective but consider realigning them first to rule out the possibility of mere misaligning. Photo eyes or the pair of light sensors near the bottom of the garage door should be aligned with each other to work and for those indicator lights to be illuminated.

How can a sagging garage door opener chain be adjusted?

Garage door adjustment for sagging chains connected to automatic or electric garage door openers is done by shortening the chain itself or by moving the opener trolley guide tube or rail. It is advisable to have these solutions performed by someone knowledgeable or experienced to avoid aggravating the problem.

What should I receive once my door garage door is installed?

You should be provided with the Owner’s Manual along with the garage door opener manual for the type of door you have installed. This will enable you to learn more about the features and maintenance of your garage door.

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